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Rogue Valley Sewer Services Code (Updated March 2016)

Amendments to our Code since the last update:


Ordinance 16-01 An Ordinance to Amend Rogue Valley Sewer Services Code

Ordinance 16-03 An Ordinance to Amend the RVSS Code to Change the Residential Tenant Billing Rules  

Resolution 16-18 Establishing Excessive Maintenance Fees

Resolution 17-02 Establishing Tipping Fees for White City Lagoons

Resolution 17-19 FOG Enforcement

Resolution 19-06 General Overhead Rates

Resolution 19-09 Misc Fees

Resolution 19-10 Permit Fees

Resolution 19-11 Service Rates

Resolution 19-12 SDC Rates

Ordinance 20-01 Title 7 Ammendment

Ordinance 21-02 Title 7 Ammendment

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