Fire Recovery Information

POSTED 3-9-2021

Reconnection Instructions:
All contractors and property owners who are reconnecting to a sewer service line capped by Rogue Valley Sewer Services are required to follow the instructions on this handout.


POSTED 10-12-20:

Rebuilding SW Managment Requirements:
Within the Almeda fire destroyed area, RVSS will follow the lead of the county and cities with regard to stormwater management requirements. For projects that the county/city require site plan review, RVSS will require submittal of a stormwater management plan in compliance with the current (at time of submittal) Rogue Valley Stormwater Design Manual.  If no site plan review is required by the city/county, RVSS will not require stormwater management.

An Erosion prevention and sediment control permit (1200-C/CN)will still be required for all projects disturbing over one acre. Application materials should be submitted directly to RVSS.

POSTED 9/25/2020:

Rogue Valley Sewer Services is working hard to mitigate the damage from the fire and to ensure that the system is available to you when you are ready to rebuild.  Below is a brief summary of actions we are currently taking.  Please note that any work you do on your property will also likely be subject to other local, state, and federal requirements.

Service Laterals: 

  • We are in the process of locating and abandoning service laterals to burned buildings.  This is necessary to ensure that debris and animals do not enter the sewer causing blockages.
  • We will be installing cleanouts and capping the pipe near the property line.
  • When you are ready to rebuild you will reconnect at the cleanout.  Existing pipe on your property may be used if it is inspected and found to be in good condition.
  • Standard permit fees will apply.  Permit fees are $60 for the first 100 feet of pipe installed and $30 per 100 feet thereafter.
  • You will receive credit against sewer SDCs for facilities connected to the sewer before the fire.

RV Connections:

  • Property owners who want to install an RV dump on their single-family residential property may do so.
  • The permit fee for installing an RV dump is $60.
  • RV dumps installed on commercial or multi-family residential property will be treated as temporary housing.

Temporary Housing:

  • In order to facilitate the installation of temporary emergency housing, RVSS will waive any plan review and inspection fees related to these projects.
  • System Development Charges will be deferred until December 31, 2022.  If the facilities are removed by that time no fees will be owed.
  • In general, all temporary housing proposals will need to comply with current design and construction standards.  We may defer certain requirements on a case-by-case basis provided that such deferral does not result in health or safety hazards, and does not cause undue excess maintenance issues.

Stormwater Runoff:

  • We are installing inlet protections in the fire zone on publicly owned storm drains to prevent ash and debris from entering the storm drainage system.
  • We are also working with private property owners to get protections installed on commercial lots and mobile home parks.
  • We are working with a variety of stakeholders to get burned areas in the riparian zones reseeded before the winter rains.

Sewer Service Billing:

  • We have suspended sewer service billing for all accounts that are burned and uninhabitable.

POSTED 9/10/2020:

We at Rogue Valley Sewer Services extend our deepest sympathies to everyone who has been affected by the recent fires.

Customers whose homes or businesses were damaged or destroyed by the recent fires will have their sewer billing suspended effective September 8. 

RVSS will work to identify affected buildings so customers do not have to call our office to suspend service.

As soon as it is safe to enter the area Rogue Valley Sewer Services will begin to cap the sewer service laterals of damaged buildings.  This is necessary to prevent debris or animals from entering the sewer and will ensure that the service is available for use when customers rebuild.

Letter from the General Manager

For more infomation or details contact: 

Carl Tappert, General Manager

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