Rogue Valley Stormwater Design Manual

Rogue Valley Stormwater Design Manual

The Rogue Valley Stormwater Design Manual (RVSWDM) applies to the cities of Ashland, Central Point, Medford, Phoenix, Talent and urbanized unincorporated Jackson County. Projects that will develop or redevelop more than 2,500 square feet of impervious surfaces (buildings, roads, parking lots, etc.) on a site must manage stormwater runoff in compliance with the Rogue Valley Stormwater Quality Design Manual (RVSWDM) found below.

RVSS Stormwater Quality Incentive Policy

Stormwater Plan Submittal Requirements

Rebuilding After the Almeda Fire:
Within the Almeda fire destroyed area, stormwater management will be required for any project redeveloping impervious areas in excess of the original impervious surface square footage. Impervious surface is defined in RVSS' code as "a surface that prohibits or limits water from soaking into the ground. Types of impervious surfaces include rooftops, traditional asphalt and concrete parking lots, driveways, roads, gravel lots and roads; and heavily compacted earthen materials, sidewalks, and pedestrian plazas. Gravel surfaces used for vehicular traffic are considered impervious." A site plan showing the original footprint and proposed new impervious surface footprint must be submitted to RVSS for review.

An Erosion prevention and sediment control permit (1200-C/CN) will still be required for all projects disturbing over one acre. Application materials should be submitted directly to RVSS, see the Erosion Control page.


Draft revised manual out for public comment until September 2nd, 2022

Rogue Valley Stormwater Design Manual, amended July 2021, effective July 1st, 2021

Rogue Valley Stormwater Quality Design Manual amended July 2020, effective July 1st, 2020

Appendix A - Plant Specifications
                    Plant Material Source List
Appendix B - Infiltration Testing Methodology
                    Falling Head Test Report Form
Appendix C - Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph Spreadsheet Example
                    Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph example spreadsheet for download (updated 9/29/17)
                    **Storage volumes previously calculated in this spreadsheet may not be used for
                    detention design, refer to section 3.3 of the Rogue Valley Stormwater Design Manual.**

Appendix D - NRCS Method details and Curve Numbers
                    NRCS Method: Time of Concentration Calculation and Table of Runoff Curve Numbers
                    Medford IDF Curves
Appendix E - Standard Drawings Index
                    PDF Standard Drawings
                    DWG Standard Drawings
                    General Notes for Vegetated BMPs (pdf)       These notes must accompany all standard  
                    General Notes for Vegetated BMPs (dwg)      drawings in BMP series 3- 8.   
                    General Notes for Pervious Surfacing (pdf)    These notes must accompany all standard drawings
                    General Notes for Pervious Surfacing (dwg)   in BMP series 2.  
Appendix F - RVSS Stormwater Credits
Appendix G - SWAT Pre-Approved Proprietary SW Treatment Technologies 
Appendix H - Stormwater Operation and Maintenance Plan Templates 
                    O&M Manual Template (word)
                    O&M Manual Template (fillable pdf)
                    Section B: RVSS Declaration of Covenants (formerly the SW O&M Agreement)
                                    Medford Declaration of Covenants
                    Section C: Medford Subdivision O&M Agreement
                    Section F: SW Facility Inspection and Maintenance Worksheets
                    Section H: Hazardous Material Spill Fact Sheet                                   
Appendix I -  Stormwater Quality Structure Easements
                    RVSS Stormwater Quality Structure Easement (Updated 4/19/12)
Appendix J - Bear Creek and Rogue River TMDL Documents



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