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We are pleased to announce the new and improved CivicPay Online customer payment portal.

With this transition, our customers can make payments more easily on more devices and with greater insight into their bills. Along with a fresher, more modern look and feel, massive improvements have been made to the way CivicPay works on mobile devices and interfaces with modern web browsers for faster payments and enhanced security.

IMPORTANT: This change requires NO ACTION on the part of our customers. Your usernames, passwords, stored payment profiles, and any auto-pay enrollments you have set up have remained the same and are even safer and more secure.

Benefits to Our Customers:

•Improved Secure payment portal to prevent hacking and other attempts of cyber fraud

One-click mobile payment feature: easy to make payments on any device

Simple login

Rogue Valley Sewer Services Messaging Center for important RVSS information

•Clear and well-organized account balance and payment information

•Complete billing details

Here are a few examples of the new site (the actual screens may look slightly different):

Login Screen:

Login Screen Example

Home Screen:


Mobile Experience:

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