Stormwater Quality Documents

Rogue Valley Stormwater Quality Design Manual (8/2008)
(Manual Amended most recently January 2018)

Technical Memorandum on Manufactured Structures Effective 1/1/2015 revised 2-17-16

Typical Details
Water Quality Conveyance Swale (pdf)
Water Quality Conveyance Swale (dwg)

Appendix A - Plants List
Appendix B - Design Guidelines for Approved Treatment Methods
Appendix C - Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph Spreadsheet Example
Appendix D - NRCS Method: Time of Concentration Calculation and Table of Runoff Curve Numbers
Appendix E - RVSS Stormwater Credits
Appendix F - Underground Injection Control (UIC) Regulations
Appendix G - Portland Technology Assessment Protocol
                         SWAT Pre-Approved Proprietary SW Treatment Techonologies 
Appendix H - RVCOG Summary of TMDL Monitoring
Appendix I -  Example Operation and Maintenance Plan Documents
Appendix J - Intergovernmental Agreements for Stormwater Quality Management
Appendix K - RVSS Stormwater Quality Feature Operation and Maintenance Agreement
Appendix L - Stormwater Quality Structure Easement (Updated 4/19/12)

Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph example spreadsheet for download (updated 9/29/17)
**Storage volumes previously calculated in this spreadsheet may not be used for detention design, refer to section 3.3 of the Rogue Valley Stormwater Design Manual.**

ACWA Construction Site Stormwater Guide an illustrated guide to best management practices

Stormwater Management Plan prepared in 2004
Phase II Permit from DEQ issued in 2007
RVSS prepares an annual report of all activities conducted under the Phase II Stormwater quality permit program and the General Construction Permit. This report is submitted to DEQ in November.
Annual Report FY2017
Annual Report FY2016
Annual Report FY2015
Annual Report FY2014
Annual Report FY2013
Stormwater Management of the Bear Creek Valley
Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control
Creeks and Concrete Don't Mix
Painting Without Polluting
Taking Care of Streams in Jackson County
Stream and Wetlands Enhancement Guide
Oil and Stormwater
Landscaping Brochure
Disposal of Chlorinated Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Water

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