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Business accounts on well water
Business accounts with high water consumption that does not go to the sewer system

Returned NSF Payments. A $15 charge will be assessed for all returned checks and auto-pay transfers.

Billing Periods. All monthly billings are sent at the end of the month (in arrears). For example bills mailed the end of August would show billing period of August 1 through August 31. Quarterly invoices are one month in arrears and two months in advance. For example bills mailed the end of December would show the billing period of December 1 through February 28.  Annual statements are one month in arrears and eleven months in advance.

Discount on Quarterly and Annual Sewer Billings. For the convenience of all of our single family residential customers (except Eagle Point and Jacksonville) we offer the option to be billed quarterly at a discounted rate of 3% or to be billed once a year for a discounted rate of 5%. Please call for more information on these billing options.

Payment Locations. Payments may be made at the payment drop box at our office at 138 W. Vilas Road, at Central Point City Hall, Phoenix City Hall, or at 19 other utility payment locations throughout the Rogue Valley. Please include the payment stub. Click here for a list of all 15 locations.

Recurring Payments. All customers who have set up online account access can choose to have their sewer account payments made automatically with their debit or credit card.  The amount billed or the balance on the account, whichever is lower, will be charged on or about the 16th of each month.  If for any reason the payment is rejected, the customer will receive an email to that effect.  The customer is required to keep the card data current.

Auto-Pay. Complete the application (see link below) to authorize a regularly scheduled payment from your checking or savings account. Customers will still receive a sewer bill showing how much will be deducted from their checking or savings account. The payment will be automatically transferred from the customer's bank account on the bill's due date or the following business day. Proof of payment will appear on bank statements and the online account. Authorization requests must be received in our office by the 20th of the month to be effective the following month. Eagle Point and Jacksonville customers must continue to pay directly to their city. Auto-Pay Application Form

Electronic Payments. Payments can be made electronically using your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card either by phone or on line by clicking on My Account then Sewer Account Access and Payment.   Online account access must be created in order to pay with a credit or debit card.  A number of local banks offer bill paying services whereby all monthly bills may be paid by one phone call or using their website. There may be a small monthly charge for this service. Also, there are internet services, such as Yahoo Bill Pay, where all bills can be paid through the internet for a small monthly charge. Depending on the number of bills monthly, the charges can be less than the cost of a postage stamp per bill.

Owner Responsibility. All charges for sewer services are the responsibility of the property owner of record. All accounts will be in the name of the owner unless he/she requests that the bills be sent to the commercial tenant(s) or paid by a property manager. This is done by calling our office at 541-664-6300 and requesting an Owner Notification Form or printing out and mailing to RVSS either the Commercial Properties Owner Request for Tenant Billing or the Owner Request for Property Management Billing. Signing one of these forms indicates acceptance of responsibility for the account balances even though the account will be in the commercial tenant's name or billed to the property manager. RVSS will not mail duplicate invoices for sewer service. However, an owner may call our office at any time to find out the balance of their accounts.

Temporary Suspension of Service. Customers who will not be occupying their residence may request service be temporarily turned off. Estimated date of return must be given, the account must be current, and a fee equal to one month's service charge must be paid.

Late Charges. Accounts are due and payable 15 days after being billed. Late fees are charged monthly on all amounts that are 10 days or more past due. They are calculated at 3% of the unpaid balance, with a $3 minimum monthly late charge.

Sewer Collections through Property Tax Bill. Each June past-due accounts are sent to the County Tax Assessor for certification, after proper notification of the property owner. This means that the amounts due will be added to the annual property tax bill. We do not recommend paying your bill in this manner.  A 10% administration fee is charged upon certification. These sewer charges, late fees and administration fees are not deductible as property taxes for your IRS federal tax return.

Business accounts on well water. Our business customers are billed on the amount of water that is used. Generally, we can ascertain this amount from the water billed by one of the local municipal water vendors. If you are on a well, we may require that you install a water meter so that the monthly invoice can be accurately determined.

Business accounts with high water consumption that does not go to the sewer system. Business sewer charges are based on the amount of water that is used. If a large amount of water is used for irrigation or other purposes that will not affect sewer services, you may wish to consider installing a separate water meter. Such a meter will measure the water used for that purpose, which will be subtracted from your total water consumption. Call us for details.

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