Sanitary Sewer Q&As

How do I get sewer to my property or my neighborhood?
The property owners or residents of a neighborhood who may be experiencing on-going septic problems or who wish to get sewer service should contact RVSS.  If sanitary sewer service is needed, a petition should be circulated to ask RVSS for information.  More information . . .

Where do I get my sewer permit?
Developments in Eagle Point and Jacksonville obtain their sewer permits in those cities.  RVSS issues sewer permits for Eagle Point, White City, Central Point, Jacksonville, Phoenix, and Talent.  If the development is within the City of Medford and a new tap is required to an RVSS sewer line, RVSS will issue the tap permit, and the City of Medford will issue the permit to construct the service line.  Jackson County issues sewer permits for the City of Shady Cove only.

Who do I call to inspect my service line?
RVSS performs the inspections on sewer service lines if the permit is issued by RVSS.  We also perform the inspections in Shady Cove.

Who do I call for help with my sewer system?
Billing, customer service, and engineering questions can be answered by calling the front office at
(541) 779-4144 or (541) 664-6300. If you are experiencing blockage or backups with your system, call the maintenance office at (541) 779-4186.

How can I find the sewer on my property?
RVSS has drawings of many (not all) of our customers' service lines (pipes connected to the public sewer) that can be picked up at our office, emailed, faxed, or mailed.

Who do I call first if I'm experiencing backups and slow drainage?
We recommend calling RVSS first. That way, if the problem you're experiencing stems from a problem in the public sewer main, we can fix it without any additional cost to you.  If the public sewer main is okay, then you mayneed the help of a professional plumber.

Who is responsible for maintaining the sewer lines that run to my house?
The landowner is. RVSS maintains the mainlines within our service area. The mainlines are the pipes that run down the street(s), your service line starts at the connection to our mainline.

I'm told I have a STEP or a STEG system on my property, what does that mean?
A STEP system is a Septic Tank Effluent Pump system, and a STEG system is a Septic Tank Effluent Gravity system.  These systems hold the solid waste and transport the liquid waste  from your house to our mainline using a pump (STEP) or gravity (STEG).  RVSS maintains the tanks and removes the solid waste on a regular basis.

I have a pump system on my property, who do I call if I'm experiencing problems with it?
RVSS does maintain a handful of the pump systems throughout the service area. If you are unsure if RVSS maintains yours, the best thing to do is call RVSS before calling someone else to make any repairs. We will be able to tell you if the pump system on your property is one that we maintain.



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