Drawings and Design Standards are provided for reference purposes only.  Engineers are asked to contact the Rogue Valley Sewer Services Engineering Department to make sure they have the most up-to-date drawings and standards.


All contractors wanting to submit bids on construction jobs and/or make tap connections to the Rogue Valley Sewer Service mainline must be prequalified by RVSS.  Prequalification with RVSS can come from one of the following modes:
  • Provide RVSS with a copy of their Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) prequalification letter and complete the first page of the prequalification application.
  • Provide a completed ODOT Contractor Prequalification Form to RVSS.  Please note that there is not a fee associated with the approval from RVSS.
Please follow the Contractor Prequalification Form link on the left to obtain the ODOT Contractor Prequalification Form.


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